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Entry #1


2010-11-08 20:25:47 by Thekillercheese

imma makin a quiz its better than that horrible one i posted earlier. i just dont know how to make lives. can any 1 tell me how?


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2010-11-10 00:11:59

I can tell you


2010-11-10 00:20:37

Oh and I looked at my inbox. After nearly 5 years I still do use newgrounds every day, I play runescape too :P So anyways I started working on the quiz game 2 but it got really boring and complicated to make it as good as I want it so I stopped for now. I have 6 pretty good questions done, I've been doing about 1 every few months when I think about it.

Thekillercheese responds:

interesting. i never go onn newgrounds cuz im repling nearly a month later